The evil of an ex

June 9, 2010

Silly me decided to search for people on facebook. Old friends, family, whatnot. I came across an ex from a few years ago. Now I believe this was a horrible mistake. She was and apparently still is an awful person. Obviously I have some issues, and I think that she was the main cause of some of them. Now being 18-ish at the time, I thought everything was great. But this girl, was just not a good person. Now the final straw was when I was invited over by her, for her to tell me to go home so she could hang out with her cousin. Normally I wouldn’t have cared so much, but I had gotten dressed, drove all the way over, for her to do this. Granted I was not a huge fan of her cousin, but come on..really? So an argument ensued, and I was asked to leave. So I go home, heartbroken..while she has a wonderful time with her cousin. The next day I go to her place to pick up the rest of my things, she stayed home from school..just to watch me do it. So we tried to hang out and be friends..but as most people know this never works out. I was still deeply in love, and it was very obvious that she wasn’t. So the next day at work, I called to see how she was and if she wanted to hang out. Yet when I called, she said she had a friend over and didn’t want to talk. Maybe I’m selfish, jealous, or a child…but this really hurt. I actually had a breakdown at work, and threatened to kill myself. I was taken out of work, and to a mental health facility. That place, which I won’t name, had really done wonders for me. My therapist talked me through a lot of problems that I had, and had basically stated that my ex just wasn’t a good person.

To be continued..