Continuing my rant from earlier, she was not a good person. This ex would think it was totally fine to talk to her ex-boyfriend online..with me in the same room. What really hurt was the fact that she seemed to be having a lot more fun chatting away with him, than even hanging out with me in the same room. Maybe I’m a jealous guy..who knows? But what really bugs and irritates me, is that such a horrible person can have a seemingly great life. As I browsed her information on Facebook, everything she has and talks about…seems to dwarf my life in comparison. I know that’s not one of the nicer things to say, but for the most part its true. This succubus has a great job, a great car, and all of these friends. I have a car, that does good to start whenever I have gas money to put in it. I can’t find work anywhere, and aside from my family and girlfriend…I talk to no one. I guess this is a feel sorry for myself day. Thanks internet, you always listen.