Not Blog Savvy

June 10, 2010

Apparently I’m more of an amateur blogger than I’d hoped. I’m still trying to figure out how to put links on my page of blogs that I like, and for the life of me I cannot change that little blue avatar that appears when I comment. Its going to be a long day, but hopefully I’ll figure most of this out. Oh BTW poetry will be posted later!


2 Responses to “Not Blog Savvy”

  1. Ha! Apparently you are figuring things out, thanks for the linkup! As for the little blue avatar thingy…I think what you need to do is upload a photo for your “Gravatar” and link it to your name…? Try searching it in the forums
    Try here…

    I’m pretty sure I just used the Gravatar widget on the widgets dashboard.

    • Skinny Love Says:

      Yep I do believe I figured it out finally lol. You’re welcome for the linkup, and thanks to you too! I guess it all takes a bit to finally figure out huh?

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